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SEEG Electrode Placement
at its Finest.


What is SEEG ?

A surgical procedure used for severe epilepsy
to determine the seizure origination point in the brain.


How It Helps

SEEG offers hope to people with severe epileptic seizures. By localizing the areas of origination, a positive outcome may be achieved.

The MICRODEEP® Difference

MICRODEEP® is a multicontact semi rigid depth electrode, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and a hemispherical tip. The active part is smooth without roughness between contacts.

• Thinner diameter: 0.8 mm
• Various lengths of anchor bolts from 15 to 35 mm

Our Focus
Medical Advances for Neurosurgery

With over 40 years experience in development and production of intracranial electrodes, DIXI possesses the skills and resources necessary to design and manufacture invasive and non-invasive medical instruments for neurosurgery.