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MICRODEEP® Depth Electrodes

For SEEG exploration and functional mapping.

MICRODEEP® is a multicontact semi rigid depth electrode, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and a hemispherical tip. The active part is smooth without roughness between contacts.
• Platinum / Iridium
• Total length: 90 cm
• Specific stereotactic instruments provide accurate MICRODEEP® electrode positioning
• Single-use sterilized

Connection Cables

For MICRODEEP®  Depth Electrodes

Connection Cables CBL
• 5 to 18 contacts
• Length of cable available: 120 and 180 cm
• 1.5 mm touch-proof connectors (DIN 42802)


Drill Bit and Stop, Stylet, Coagulation Electrodes

Drill Bit and Stop
• Single stop to control the depth of the drill bit

• Used to create the path of the electrode
• Adjustable stop integrated in the stylet

Coagulation Electrodes and Stop
• Used to coagulate bleeding of the skin / open the dura mater

Anchor Bolts and Caps

For MICRODEEP® Electrode Placement

• Caps cover the anchor bolts before the placement of MICRODEEP® depth electrodes in case of CSF leaks

Anchor Bolts
• Self-tapping tip allowing a direct fixing into a hole ø 2.1 mm
• Adapted to stereotactic guiding instrument ø 2.5 mm
• Single-use sterilized item,


Screwdriver and Wrench for Anchor Bolts

• Long screwdriver used for placement of anchor bolts ø 2.5 mm
• Short screwdriver and wrench to remove the anchor bolt
• Sliding ruler to measure depth placement
• Depth marking instrument to adjust the depth of placement of the MICRODEEP® electrode

Also available: Bone Starter, Marking Rod, and Screwdriver for Simple Stop

Instrument Guiding Tubes

The guiding tube is used in neurosurgery for procedures made under sterotactic conditions (SEEG).

• Allows an accurate guiding of the instruments used to realize biopsies or place depth electrodes according to a precise and predefined trajectory
• Non-invasive instrument
• Reusable instrument

Guiding tubes: Compatible with frames, robots and neuronavigation systems.


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