Our History

DIXI is a family company founded in 1904 in Le Locle, Switzerland. What began as high precision manufacturing for the watch making industry has evolved to the medical field with the specialized development of depth electrodes for stereotactic neurosurgery. For more information, visit the DIXI Medical (France) website.

Our Story

DIXI Medical products are manufactured in Chaudefontaine France, considered the capital of microtechnologies, in the heart of Europe. The Franche-Comté region benefits greatly from a highly skilled workforce, expert in precision technologies and quality requirements.

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Support Team

The DIXI R & D team of design and biomedical engineers are in charge of development, monitoring and technical product certifications.

Our consultant Neurosurgeons and PhD’s in Neuroscience provide the necessary medical expertise and insight to create new medical instruments. We employ skilled operators trained for reliable assembling in Clean Rooms.

The DIXI sales and marketing departments offer technical support and assistance in the use of our products.


MICRODEEP® Depth Electrodes

For SEEG Exploration and Functional Mapping

MICRODEEP® is a multicontact semi rigid depth electrode, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and a hemispherical tip.


Anchor Bolts and Caps

For MICRODEEP® Electrode Placement

Sterilized material adapted to sterotactic guiding system ø 2.5 mm.


Connection Cables

For MICRODEEP® Depth Electrodes

Available in 5 to 18 contacts with touch-proof connectors in varying cable lengths.


Bone Starter, Marking Rod, Screwdriver

For MICRODEEP® Electrode Placement
Also available: Screwdriver and Wrench for Anchor Bolts, Sliding Ruler, and Depth Marking Instrument

Reusable Instruments are delivered non-sterile.


Drill Bit, Stylet, Coagulation Electrodes

For MICRODEEP® Electrode Placement

Sterilized material adapted to sterotactic guiding system ø 2.5 mm.


Instrument Guiding Tubes

Guiding tubes are compatible with frames, robots and neuronavigation systems

Guiding Tubes are delivered non-sterile.

Next Steps...

DIXI Medical USA offers complete instruments for the placement of SEEG MICRODEEP® Electrodes. Please submit your request for a quote, further information or product catalog.