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We are a world leader in SEEG - We have certification from Brazil, Argentina, and Canada, and all instruments are CE marked; FDA clearance was granted in 2017 for the USA.

MICRODEEP® is a multicontact semi rigid depth electrode, with a diameter of 0.8 mm and a hemispherical tip. The active part is smooth without roughness between contacts. The smaller diameter equates to smaller incisions.

SEEG works best if…

• You have focal epilepsy and seizures that remain unresponsive with medication and treatment.
• Are a potential candidate for epilepsy surgery and/or have seizures of an undetermined origin.

SEEG can cover larger brain areas and monitor both sides of the brain to localize the seizure origin point.

For More Information about SEEG and Epilepsy, visit:

SEEG (Wikipedia.org)

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DIXI Medical USA offers complete instruments for the placement of SEEG MICRODEEP® Electrodes. Please submit your request for a quote, further information or product catalog.